Crash the beach
An phung phung shipwreck beauty

Close-up beauty shot. 2560x1920px. Rendertime=16h. 2.5% noise.


Toyplane Turnaround

Toyplane Wireframe Turnaround

Toyplane Clay Turnaround

An phung test 02

Test render.
Known issues:
+Sand scattered too uniformly, especially on the edges.
+Render time: 4.5 hours, noise level: 3.8%.

An phung scene 06

Top down.
Ground sculpted. Rocks and mushrooms from Megascans.

An phung colliders wf 01

LP - Colliders setup

An phung scene 04

Close up - Scene

An phung scene 03

Quick scene layout

An phung scene 02
An phung scene 01
An phung legopilot 01

WIP - Lego pilot

An phung toyplane 01

WIP - DIY dc motor plane

An phung toyplane 02

Another school assignment. Main objective: Create a shipwreck scene/ diorama that utilizes Maya Bifrost's fluid simulation.
I'm making a miniature, realistic, to-scale scene. A lego pilot and a DIY plane made from ice cream sticks are the main subjects. The whole thing is on a metal tray.