Stinger V1 - WIP 02
An phung 25
An phung 26
An phung 27
An phung 28
An phung 29
An phung 30
An phung 31
An phung quickuv 01

Quick Auto-unwrap in Houdini so I can throw it over to Substance Painter for some quick testing.

An phung mask 04

Smart masks in Substance Painter

An phung mask 05
An phung mask 06
An phung mask 01

This is my first attempt at designing and modeling a space ship. It's a type of swarm ship. I really like the idea of multiple small ships crashing through bigger ships. I was inspired by the Krall's swarm ships in Star Trek Beyond. The design is also inspired by GAOTG Vol 1 Star Blaster ships.