Taj Mahal
An phung phung tajmahal 03

Marmoset Viewer - Low res textures. (Don't view from above :D)

Light Turnaround

An phung phung tajmahal 01
An phung phung tajmahal 02
An phung bigdome basecolor preview

2k base color texture of the big dome

An phung bw top

Alpha made in Affinity Designer

An phung img 20180503 184746

Photo of animation projected onto the dome in the planetarium in the Grand Rapids Public Museum. Other assets were made by my classmates.

Taj Mahal model for MCAP 2 (Massive Collaborative Animation Projects). Images above were rendered in Marmoset Toolbag 3. However, the final animation for show at the Michigan Creative Expo was rendered in UE4 (last image).
More about MCAP: http://www.mcaprojects.net/
The pieces were modeled and unwrapped in Blender, some of the UVs were manually packed, some were packed with Houdini's UV Layout. I used support loops to get smooth edges instead of baking from a high poly.
They were then sent to Substance Painter for texturing. The stone/ brick smart material was created in Substance Painter. The normal details on the inner walls were stamped on using alphas created in Affinity Designer. Some of the patterns were also created in Affinity Designer, some were provided by my teammates.
This took about 70 hours across 3 weeks to model and texture.