Fwd: A Game Environment - WIP 01
An phung highresscreenshot00038


An phung highresscreenshot00033
An phung highresscreenshot00037
An phung highresscreenshot00047

Using deferred normal decals for details

An phung highresscreenshot00048


An phung v details 02

In Blender

An phung highresscreenshot00027

Normal decals on floor trim

An phung highresscreenshot00029

With & without normal decals

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An phung normaldecal 01
An phung highresscreenshot00049

Applying trims

An phung generalmaster 01

Master material with parameters to use trim textures

An phung v trimtextures

Trim textures in SD - Flourish details are from JRO ornament alphas

An phung v wallpaper 01


An phung v woodbase 01


An phung v woodhb 02

Wood herringbone

An phung modules 01

Overview of modules - Making different modules using instances & groups

An phung v buildingmodules 01

Making different pieces from one using vertex groups & Mask modifier - The pieces update automatically when I make adjustments to the main piece - In this example is a molding trim & corner piece

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An phung highresscreenshot00046
An phung highresscreenshot00044

Fwd (Forward) is a 3D game environment in UE4. It's the interior of a 3-story building in which the player can experience a different time period on each floor.
1st floor = Victorian entrance area & living room/ parlor
2nd floor = Modern minimalist bathroom
3rd floor = Futuristic bedroom, office
This is my first real-time environment project and also my graduation project (a bit late to the game). It's quite challenging, but also very exciting. I'm learning many new things, from modeling using custom normals, texturing using tiling textures & trims/decals, creating textures procedurally in SD, creating master materials in UE4, lighting, going back & forth quickly between programs, & more!
Lighting is definitely the biggest challenge for me. Working on multiple themes/ time periods is also challenging. The futuristic floor is still very very rough, and it's probably going to be the hardest one to tackle.