Learning real-time FX (2018)

Thruster, Force field, Water splash

Thruster, Force field, Water splash - Breakdown

Faucet water, Candle fire, Water streaks

Breaking waves

Breaking waves - FPP

Breaking waves - Breakdown

A couple of small projects as my first steps into real-time FX.
These FX still need a lot of adjustments & optimization, like the amount of nodes, textures used. The tiling is quite visible in the breaking waves textures as well because my simulation tank wasn't wide enough. The shaders aren't the best either. Getting into real-time glass & water shaders makes me miss renderers like Corona. But overall, I learned a lot from these projects.
I looked at a number of tutorials:
VFX and Particle Systems with Unreal Engine - https://vimeo.com/276544720
SplashMesh! // Andreas Glad // Houdini for Games - https://vimeo.com/213730714
Creating Real-Time Oceans for Call of Duty: WWII | Matt Vitalone | GDC 2018 - https://vimeo.com/261901539
Raindrop shader - https://twitter.com/klemen_lozar/status/953731352175587328