Product Render - Coca Cola Glass Bottle
An phung anphung product01

Final. Just simple adjustments in Photoshop to brighten the droplets and streaks.

An phung anphung product02
An phung anphung product01

WIP - Full Shot.
Small drops are squashed hemispheres scattered on surface using Corona Scatter.
Extra streaks and drops are from a displacement map.
Mist was made in post in Photoshop using a few different smoke images.

An phung anphung product02

WIP - Macro shot.
Layered material - Condensation on top of glass with green absorption.
Coke liquid material - Red/brown absorption
Big drops made using 3ds Max PArray and Meta Particle, and retopologized in ZBrush.

An phung anphung product02 01

Basic materials.
Added a rectangle light right behind the bottle.

An phung anphung product02

Macro shot.

An phung anphung product01

Set up lighting and cameras.
Full shot.

Commercial-like product renders.
Progress from bottom-up.