Interior Render - 24h in Artist Loft
An phung 24h layers view02

Progress breakdown below.

An phung anphung interior gif


An phung anphung interior dawn

LightMix - Dawn

An phung anphung interior daytime

LightMix - Day time

An phung anphung interior evening

LightMix - Evening/ Dusk

An phung anphung interior night02

LightMix - Night

An phung anphung interior night01

LightMix - Midnight/ Bright moon

An phung blockout01

Block Out 01

An phung incandescent light test 01

Incandescent Light Test 01.
LightMtl - Intensity=350
Bloom=5. Glare=0.1

An phung incandescent light test 02

Incandescent Light Test 02.
LightMtl - Intensity=500. Temp=2700K.
Glass - Refraction=1. Color=255. Glossiness=1. IOR=1.52.
Reflection=1. Color=96. Glossiness=0.9. FrIOR=1.52.
Bloom=5. Glare=0.1

An phung incandescent light test 03

Incandescent Light Test 03.
LightMtl - Intensity=500. Temp=2700K.
Glass - Refraction=0.9. Color=255. Glossiness=1. IOR=1.52.
Reflection=1. Color=128. Glossiness=0.9. FrIOR=1.52.
Translucency=1. Color=323D3D (Hex).
Bloom=5. Glare=0.1

An phung lightingtest 01

Lighting Test 01.
HDRI and LightMtl (Incandescent bulbs).
Models added - Pipes and light bulbs, ladder, vent, more detailed wood panels.

An phung backplatetest04

Lighting and Backplate Test.
Added Corona Sun - Intensity=0.025. Size= 25.
New HDRI (different from the background seen above)
Models added - Drafting table, stool, window, helix and flaps on ventilator.
Displaced the wall wood panels.
Added flooring

An phung update 01 backplate01

Changed camera angle. Vertical lines are more up right. Changed to portrait mode to tighten the view but still show the vent and ceiling.
Increased DOF.
Added hanging light in the foreground.
Added pot, bucket, clock, power outlet.

An phung anphung interior

Created materials.
Wood planks multi textures from Krono Originals.
Bricks, fine wood, a few grunge textures from poliigon.
Flowers, vines atlases, mushrooms models, and dirt material (in the plant pots and bucket) are from Megascans.

An phung anphung interior

Improved materials and mapping.
Added more details to the stool, pipe.
Added power cord for the pipe-lights, paper on drafting table.
Added volumetric fog and tiny dust particles.

An phung anphung interior wireframe


This is a project for my 3d modeling and animation class. I am to create an interior scene that shows a mood, its potential inhabitant's characters, etc.
Textures from