5 Ways to Straighten Edges in Blender (7 actually)

General / 12 January 2018

* 1.25 speed is recommended. 1.5 is also ok.

When I transitioned from 3ds Max to Blender a couple months ago, one of the first things I searched for was a Straighten tool, only to find out that there wasn't (still isn't) a dedicated operator for that. After a long time of asking in forums, groups; doing my own research, and a few happy accidents, I've found 5 ways to straighten edges in Blender.

1. Edge Unbend - 0:14 - an operator in Align Tools in CTools by Chromoly. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1OeP...ew?usp=sharing

2. Line Up - 2:55 - from Zaloopok addon. https://www.blendernation.com/2016/0...ddon-zaloopok/

3. Vertex Align - 4:39 - from Vertex Tools. 


4. Relax - 6:15 - from LoopTools (built-in).

5. Zero Scaling on Custom Orientation - 8:05 - Manual way to straighten.

After the video was posted, I have been made aware of 2 other tools: Curve Stretch and GStretch.

6 . Curve Strech - from Mira Tools. The result is the same as Edge Unbend(Unbend mode). It's added to the list below. Quick explanation of how it works:

a. Call the operator - Curve Stretch

b. Scroll Mouse wheel all the way down - Value = 2

c. LMB or Enter

d. RMB to confirm


7. GStretch - from LoopTools - (built-in) - I think this is just as good as Edge Unbend, multiple options, works with multiple loops at a time, redoable, PLUS comes with Blender.